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Gwinnett County Child Support LawyerChild support is a vital concern in any divorce where children are involved. Many factors impact the amount to be paid, how long support will last, and when it can be modified.

If you are going through a divorce and having a child support order drafted for the first time, or if a support order needs to be modified, we at Attorney Sharon Jackson LLC can help.

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Child support is NOT a clear cut and easy matter to deal with. The court follows guidelines when computing child support and those guidelines can be modified depending on different points.

Child support guidelines in Georgia

Child support payments are not for the custodial parent’s benefit but for the maintenance of the child. Georgia law requires both parents to provide sufficient support for their minor children, and no parent can set aside a child’s right to receive child support.

In most cases, child support is computed according to Georgia child support guidelines (O.C.G.A 19-6-15). Georgia courts commonly use an objective mathematical guideline in deciding the amount a non-custodial parent must pay to the custodial parent for child support.

The guidelines, however, are reasonably flexible and much is entrusted to the decision of the judge. Even if the calculated guideline amount has been obtained, the judge can still change the figure if convinced by either parent to do so.

When hearing a child support case, a judge will consider the guidelines and the exact details of the case. The various factors are then assessed and the judge will issue an order with the best interests of the children in mind.

Like all matters of custody, maintenance, and division of assets, Attorney Sharon Jackson will dedicate the time and special attention needed for the child support component of your divorce. This will ensure that not only your children are cared for, but that you have fair treatment as the paying or receiving party.

How child support is determined in Georgia

Both parents are required by Georgia law to provide support of their child until the child reaches 18 years, or finishes high school, but not over 20 years. Parents are not obliged to provide for a child who is in college or taking post-graduate studies. Still, what both parents agree to in their settlement negotiations, as well as in the divorce decree, will be implemented like a law by the court.

In Georgia, any parent or caretaker awarded with the physical custody of a child, or with whom the child lives with majority of the time, can receive regular child support payments from a parent who should help provide for the child’s wellbeing.

To establish the amount of child support, Georgia uses an income sharing method whereby the amount a parent pays is based on both the parent’s combined incomes, less any deductions. A judge first determines the gross annual income of both mother and father. The judge then then enters the figure into the child support formulae which complies with the state’s child support guidelines.

While the guidelines and the calculator method are the decisive factors in determining child support, a Georgia court may vary the amount of support in proportion to the unique circumstances of both parents and the child’s best interests.

The different factors a Georgia court may take into account include:

  • High combined income of both parents (totaling $30,000 per month or more)
  • Low income of the non-custodial parent ($1,850 per month or less)
  • Life insurance policy of one parent (naming the child as beneficiary)
  • Health-related insurance
  • Additional expenses for medical conditions or education
  • Travel expenses
  • Child and dependent care tax credit
  • Permanency or foster care plan
  • Actual parenting time
  • Mortgage
  • Spousal support
  • And more

These factors may change a child support order so it is important to closely examine all of the elements surrounding and influencing your relationship with your child and your relationship with your ex-spouse. It is essential to have a skilled Atlanta child support lawyer to argue for your rights and to help you obtain the required documentation to bolster your child support-related claims.

Each child support case is unique and child support orders usually last for many years. For these reasons, you will have a better sense of security if your case is handled by an experienced attorney.

Attorney Sharon Jackson has helped hundreds of clients with all types of child support cases in the Gwinnett County and throughout the greater Atlanta area and would be honored to help you as well.

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